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Why do you only sell Black Manufactured Brands?

Correction, we only sell Quality Black Manufactured brands. There are Black Manufacturers making wonderful brands using ingredients that exceed those in some more “popular” brands.

We offer Simple ∙ Quality ∙ Effective brands that will take the inconsistency out of your results and Elevate your haircare game.

How will I receive my purchased items?

Customers in Barbados can choose to either have their order delivered, or to collect from our PickUp location. The method of receipt can be indicated when the order is placed.

Do you ship outside of Barbados?

Certainly, we deliver outside of Barbados. You can get your Unwele Haircare fix whether near or far.

Does Unwele Haircare supply Salon Sized items?

We carry salon sized items for some of our more popular brands. However, if you do not see the larger size indicated, just ask and we will try to make available.


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