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    About Us

    Who We Are

    Unwele (pron. un-way-lay coming from the Zulu word for hair)  is an online retailer of natural haircare products and accessories to the Caribbean.

    Birthed out of the frustration of a new Naturalista, who found that many of the popular brands didn’t create the look she wanted, or ingredients she preferred. She went on a quest to find the best Black Manufactured Natural Haircare items and accessories.

    This curated catalogue became the backbone for Unwele Haircare .Currently, our portfolio offers simple, effective ingredients that cater to every Hair type – Kink, Curl or Coil..

    Investing in quality haircare that offers effective, RELIABLE results make your Natural Hair Journey easier. There’s an easier way to care for your hair, let’s explore it together.

    Unwele Haircare, releasing the beauty of your hair…Naturally


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